Now a house that feels better and uses less...

We know there's no place like home...except when your home is too cold or too hot, obnoxiously drafty, or has a furnace or air conditioner that runs constantly and consumes a lot of energy. 

Wise uses science and sense to understand how your home works and what we can do to make it smarter. In the end, you'll enjoy a more comfortable space that's healthier for your family and efficiently uses resources. 

You'll feel good in your home--and you'll feel better about it.


Three considerations before you do anything else...

Clean Energy Works Oregon + Wise 

We here at Wise are happy to be part of the Clean Energy Works Oregon (CEWO) program. This means you have access to special incentives and financing (no upfront costs) to make your home as comfortable and efficient as it can be. It's a great program that we are excited to be able to offer our customers. 

Sound interesting? Learn more about how Wise and Clean Energy Works Oregon work together for you at the Clean Energy Works website. When you are ready, be sure to enter the Wise rebate code "CNWSE".

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Already ready? Tap into CEWO's special financing. Click here to apply.